Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Anti-spam in 2009 by Ryan Pitylak

This year has been an interesting year for spam. Yahoo came out with a big change to it's filters that made it a lot harder for people to send out spam. Companies and marketers, big and small, found that they had to comply by the rules or else get punished by their inability to send email. The blocking technology is finally catching up, which is great. For those of you stuck on a general internet email address (such as that provided by Godaddy or your company), then you might still be getting spam. But, that will also dwindle over time.

I still hate spam that has no unsubscribe. There's nothing more annoying than a solicitation to make my ... harder longer and then not having any way to remove myself from the list.

It's been a long time since I created my skycorpservices website in an effort to support the anti-spam community. I haven't updated it, or this blog, much, but I still think about how fighting spam is important to keep internet marketing continuing in the right direction.

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