Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Using Disposable Email Addresses

I wrote a post at OtherInbox about how using disposable email addresses can help you to protect yourself from spam. It's a great concept, because you actually have the power to finally stop spam, for the first time ever. It works like this:

When I sign up for an email address at amazon, I use If amazon ever starts to send me spam, I know exactly where it came from. This obviously becomes really useful if you sign up for a free ipod offer. You may receive email about a 1,000 other offers unrelated to the free ipod; now you'll know which companies you shared your email addresses with are sharing your email address.

Novel idea, huh? Well, this is definitely a great approach to stopping spam.


hukkajukka said...

Serious, huh?

No, it doesn't work that way. People have fifteen years old addresses they just can't stop using. This is the common case in, for example, universities. The address is published and very wide spread.

Of course you can prevent spam from arriving to new addresses that way, but it has nothing to do with stopping spam. Sorry.

Ryan Pitylak said...

Good point! It's a way to stop NEW spam. Ultimately, people often change their person email addresses because they end up getting too much spam into their old email accounts.

Having an email address for 15 years is a serious feat considering the current spam climate. :)