Friday, June 30, 2006

Anti-Spam solutions,

A lot of people lately have been asking me what steps they should take to resolve their spam problems. Two client-side programs come to mind:

1) Cloudmark
2) Spamcop

These do a great job of stopping mail because people become part of a community.

Your large ISPs now offer a similiar service if they have a "report spam" button. Ultimately, people are, on average, a good read about what is spam, and what is not. Some major ISPs, such as,,, and have these features built-in.


PcSecurityWorld said...

Yeah SpamCop and Cloudmark are both very good spam blockers.

iPhoria said...

Ryan, what do you think, Gmail's spam protection is good enough to make third-party applications unnecessary?

Storm Design said...

i dont think the gmail's spam protection is any good. i still receive a good (bad) amount of spam in my inbox - daily!