Sunday, July 02, 2006

Tips for stopping spam,

The Ann Arbor News highlighted some of my three main tips for stopping spam. I hope that people will embrace this advice, because I truly believe that these tips can help make a big difference in the amount of spam that you will receive to your personal email box.


martin__ said...

Hi Ryan. Happy 4th of July.

Your blog has the oppertunity to be unique as you have the actual insight from the otherside. You need to post more about the inner tricks and mentality of spammers to get things more interesting here. Also, I personally am craving more then vague or general talk and I really want to understand the whole operational structure details of how it is all done.

Q: Why are offshore mailing servers used? Outside of being offshore and more anonymous, say like in China, what real benefits do servers have? Do you install your own propiertary software on these boxes?

Ryan Pitylak said...

Thank you for your comments.

My reservation with talking publicly about these details is that I do not want to give spammers ideas about how to be better spammers.

I will continue to think about details that I can publicly talk about that I feel are not damaging to the anti-spam community.